Wednesday, 22 September 2010

dOP Greatest Hits


Greatest Hits

Circus Company

Parisian trip dOP lurch from genre to genre on this, their first full length album (ignoring the recent Watergate 06 mix that was entirely built from their own tracks) whilst retaining a trippy deep house sensibility. The most impressive tracks are the ones where the group bring their latent melancholy to the fore with vocalist JAW's singing being an affecting addition to the Kompakt-esque dancefloor prettines on display with 'Assurance Me' and 'Final Drive' being particularly lovely. Occasional deviations into faux-jazz wankery ('Talk Show') and self-consciously ethnographic noodling ('Happy Meal') notwithstanding, Greatest Hits is a solid collection of wonked out, seasick house. Josh Baines


Key Tracks: 'Assurance Me', 'Love Ride', 'New York'

For Fans Of: DJ Koze, Nรดze, Superpitcher