Tuesday, 17 November 2009

10 Pop Punk Songs That (probably won't) Change Your Life

This is a piece written by Jess Spires. You can read her blog here

Before I start this, I want to make something clear. I made this list
because I actually love this genre of music. Not in an ironic, 'omg pop
punk is so cool now that vice put on a pop punk night' way, in a genuine,
unashamed never stop talking about it or listening to it and it makes
everyone sick way. Don't get me wrong I have a pretty varied taste, but
this is my big weakness. I love pop punk.

You probably don't agree with a lot of these choices, but here are my
personal top 10 songs. Some really obvious, some not. If you don't like
pop punk, these are the kinda songs i'm hoping you could listen to and
think 'yeah okay, this is rad'. Just a warning, this list is going to be
full of yucky nostalgia and me being all 'man i remember this..'

1) Jimmy Eat World - Lucky Denver Mint

Okay, they're not strictly 'pop punk' but whatever, i included this first
because Jimmy Eat World are probably my favourite band, like ever. I don't
know how they do it, but JEW just bring out amazing record after amazing
record. They're probably the only band I couldn't even choose a favourite
record because they're all just so damn good (Okay, apart from static
prevails, yeah that was kind of balls). When 'Chase this light' came out
in 2007 I was all 'Man, can JEW still pull it out the bag after 13
years?!', yeah, they can. Oh did i mention that this song is fucking sick?

2) Set Your Goals - Flight of the Navigator

Oh man, don't even get me started on set your goals. I'm probably the
biggest fan girl ever. I have a t-shirt and shit. If you don't like set
your goals, listen to 1.27 of this song and imagine being at their show
sweating more than you ever have in your life and rocking the fuck out.

3) New Found Glory - Understatement

NFG are a shoe in but seriously, this song does not get the appreciation
it deserves. 'Sticks and Stones' was the first NFG record I ever owned,
and I remember putting it on 7 years ago as a 13 year old, hearing this
first track and just being like 'FUCK YEAAAAAH'. Also I thought I could do
a mad impression of Jordan Pundik (Yeah I just wrote punkdik) back in the

4) blink-182 - Going Away to College

So, blink-182 are probably the best band ever, right? Who doesn't like
blink-182? Who didn't feel that their earth had been literally torn apart
by their break up? Blink were the first pop punk band I ever listened to,
I heard 'all the small things' on some advert and I was sold. Plus, this
song is deep. Who didn't have 'this world's an ugly place but you're so
beautiful to me' as their MSN name at one point?

5) The Movielife - This Time Next Year

The Movielife are fucking sick. There is no debate. I saw Vinnie playing
movielife songs with SYG as the backing band a while ago and it was
probably the best show of my life.

6) Motion City Sountrack - LGFUAD

Justin Pierre is probably one of the best lyricists I know. Seriously,
listen to the lyrics of this song, actually awesome. I didn't like Motion
City that much until the 'Commit this to Memory' record came out in 2005
and my boyfriend at the time put it on a mix cd. I can still remember
pretty much every track on that CD because I listened to it every fucking
day, and this was one of them.

7) The Starting Line - This Ride

I started to realise a while ago that TSL aren't actually that good, my 13
year old self probably overrated them a bit, and they're definitely shit
now. But, that being said, they deserve a mention for this song alone.

8) Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves at New Jersey

Taking Back Sunday are another one of those shoe in bands that everyone
loves. I mean, how exciting was all that shit back in the day with John
Nolan from TBS and Jesse Lacey from Brand New, when Nolan shagged Lacey's
girlfriend and THEN THEY WROTE SONGS ABOUT IT. Man, it was like a pop punk

9) Forever The Sickest Kids - She's A Lady

I included Forever the Sickest Kids because although they look like
absolute bellends, they are probably one of the best 'new' pop punk bands
i've heard in a while.

10) Fenix TX - Threesome

Fenix TX only had one good song, but man was it good.

So there's my round up. Oh by the way, Weezer aren't in this because I don't like them.
don't like them. Deal with it.


Jess has very kindly produced a playlist to accompany this piece. Here it is: YR NOT BIGGER THAN THIS

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